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Welcome to the Justin Locke Productions website! This is where you can explore
our unique catalogue of orchestral family/educational concerts, including:

Peter VS. the Wolf and The Phantom of the Orchestra:

Click on the titles above or artwork below to discover these internationally acclaimed (and just plain fun) programs, including complete scripts, Frequently Asked Questions, how to rent, photos, reviews, videos, and more. They are offered on a "produce-it-yourself" basis. Also available: Concerto for Kazoo and Famous Cellist.

Peter VS the Wolf

And of course you don't want to miss my popular Boston Pops memoir, Real Men Don't Rehearse! Tune in to the JLP Facebook Page for the very latest updates !!

Justin Locke is the author of Real Men Don't Rehearse, a Boston Pops memoir; Principles of Applied Stupidity, a most unusual management book; and Peter VS. the Wolf, an orchestral courtroom comedy for family audiences.

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Justin Locke's Internationally Acclaimed Orchestral Family Concerts

Peter VS the Wolf was recently done in POLAND, also repeated in Chenmitz (Germany) in November 2019. Coming up in 2020, a series of performances in Recklinghausen. Check out this video of a recent performance of Peter Gegen den Wolf by the Berlin Konzerthaus.

Books: Real Men Don't Rehearse | Principles of Applied Stupidity | Getting in Touch with Your Inner Rich Kid | Time Light Love

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