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Justin Locke's new book:

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Rich Kid

The Not-So-Rich Kid's Guide to the Emotions of Money and Wealth

If you grew up in a "scarcity environment," you may have developed survival skills that now may actually be preventing you from becoming the rich kid you deserve to be. This book examines the fundamental concepts of "poor kid thinking." It explains how you can overcome the trauma of scarcity and unmet desire, and get in touch with your "inner rich kid."

There are lots of books about money management, but most of them are just about arithmetic. This book is about the emotional energy that is expressed with money (and the emotional energy that is suppressed by the lack of it).

[Read a sample chapter, "Poor Kids, Rich Kids, and Trust."]

Given that almost half of all Americans are now living near or below the "poverty line," and the gap between rich and poor is the greatest it has been in living memory, this book is a timely look at what it means to be rich and what it means to be poor.

[Read another sample chapter: "Poor Kids, Rich Kids, and Negotiations."]

You can buy it from any bookstore in the English speaking world except India, and on Amazon as paperback hard copy or as ebook.

About the Author: Justin Locke grew up in a poor rural community, where he went to school with the "poor kids" at the local public "poor kid" school. Then at age 15, he transferred into the local college-prep, private, rich kid school. The culture shock was enormous. These rich kids had more money of course, but the cultural differences went way beyond mere possession of cash. They had an entirely different way of viewing themselves and the world.

Justin has written two other books and his musical plays are performed all over the world. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, on WGBH and on CBS Radio, he was recently an "author@google."

Sample Chapters:

The Introduction

"What Is Money, Anyway?"

"Poor Kids, Rich Kids, and Trust"

Poor Kids, Rich Kids, and Negotiations.

Justin Locke is an entertaining and inspiring speaker, and would love to appear at your next event.

"An abundance of charisma . . . " ---The Boston Globe

Justin Locke

Justin Locke

Justin Locke

Justin Locke

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