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Hi, Justin here. Here are all my books.

You can order them as kindle ebooks worldwide, and hardcopies can be ordered through any bookstore in the USA, Canada, the UK and the EU.

Clicking on the covers will take you to their Amazon sales page, where you can see lots of reviews and excerpts. For unknown reasons Amazon has been out of stock lately but you can BUY YOUR COPY HERE from my pals at Johnson Strings (and also support a real live music store at the same time).

Any questions, bulk orders, etc., please email me at justinlocke1@gmail.com.

Real Men Don't Rehearse

Real Men Don't Rehearse: This is by far my most successful book to date. It is an amusing inside look at the world of professional orchestras. The book actually started with my sharing my classic "gig disaster stories" at cocktail parties, and makes for a very fun live show for your next event. Buy your copy.

Principles of Applied Stupidity: We live in a world where anything smart is good, and everything stupid is bad. But if that is the case, why are there so many brilliant people struggling to survive, while C students are running the place? This book challenges the conventional wisdom in a major way, giving you some very handy tools to deal successfully with virtually any management situation.

Time Light Love

Time Light Love: After years of working with such musical luminaries as Arthur Fiedler, John Williams, and Henry Mancini, I started to wonder if there was some science-- real physics-- in how waves of emotional energy work. This is a work of philosophical speculation. It's a little technical and not for everyone, but if the hypothesis is correct, it requires a complete rethink of just about everything.

Time Light Love

The Handyman's Guide to the Galaxy: In the wake of the Great Recession I did yet another career change, and, as I am fond of saying, turns out all this time I was a closet heterosexual. I love lacing up my boots, grabbing my massive toolkit, hanging out at Home Depot, and getting paid to fix things. And of course, I felt compelled to write a book about it. Check out The Blog and my appearance on Jordan Rich's Podcast.

Real Men Don't Rehearse | Principles of Applied Stupidity | Time Light Love | Getting in Touch with Your Inner Rich Kid

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