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Peter VS. the Wolf and The Phantom of the Orchestra:

Educational/Family Orchestra Concerts from Justin Locke Productions

Click on the links above or artwork below to find out all about these internationally acclaimed (and just plain fun) programs, including complete scripts, FAQ, how to rent, photos, reviews, and more. They are offered on a "produce-it-yourself" basis.

Peter VS the Wolf

The history:

Many years ago, when I was a full time freelance bass player, I was asked to create a family concert program. The "specs" were a tad daunting: it had to use standard literature, it had to feature the musicians, it could use no more than three adult actors, it had to work for all ages, it had to have a catchy title for marketing purposes, and it had to actually . . . you know . . . teach something about music.

The result was Peter VS the Wolf, and some years later, Phantom of the Orchestra.

Since their humble beginnings in a high school auditorium here in Massachusetts, these programs have gone global. They have been done on four continents in five languages. Promotion has been almost entirely by word of mouth.

You can read the entire scripts here on my website. Just click on the logos. There are lots of links to pix and videos and such. They are offered on a “produce it yourself” basis. Contact me if you are interested/ have questions.



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