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Welcome to the Justin Locke Productions website! LATEST NEWS:

Justin's upcoming speaking appearances:

8/16/19, 2:00 pm: Rivermead Retirement Community Peterborough NH "Real Men Don’t Rehearse"

8/29/19, 2:30 pm Tolles Parsons Center, Wellesley, MA "700 Nutcrackers Is a Lot of Nutcrackers": This is the third presentation in a series of three on Justin's fun Boston Pops Memoir, "Real Men Don't Rehearse."

9/12/19 7:30 pm Laurelmead (Providence, Rhode Island) "Join the Pops, See the World" (the 2nd of 3 presentations based on Justin's Pops memoir "Real Men Don’t Rehearse."

AND, Check out Justin's latest book: The Handyman's Guide to the Galaxy.

ALSO "Peter VS the Wolf" will be presented in Poznan, Poland on 10/13 by “Speaking Concerts”

Peter Gegen den Wolf will be presented by Theater Chenmitz (Germany) 11/17/19 and 11/29/19.

Coming in September, Justin will be a guest on Jordan Rich's Podcast! Details coming!!

And, VERY EXCITING, Justin's rarely performed "Concerto for Kazoo and Famous Cellist" will be presented by the Alhambra Orchestra 11/23/19! Tune in to the JLP Facebook Page for the very latest updates !!

Justin Locke is the author of Real Men Don't Rehearse, a Boston Pops memoir; Principles of Applied Stupidity, a most unusual management book; and Peter VS. the Wolf, an orchestral courtroom comedy for family audiences. Justin is also an entertaining speaker:

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Peter VS the Wolf will be done in POLAND again in October 2019! It will also be done (AGAIN) in Chenmitz (Germany) in November 2019. Check out this video of a recent performance of Peter Gegen den Wolf by the Berlin Konzerthaus.

Books: Real Men Don't Rehearse | Principles of Applied Stupidity | Getting in Touch with Your Inner Rich Kid | Time Light Love

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