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Hello everyone,

With so many things going on at JLP I decided it would be easier for all concerned if I did up a site map / table of contents / index of all the stuff that is here on the JLP website. Between the books, kid shows, speaking appearances, etc. etc., well here it all is, a veritable surfer's paradise. I hope you enjoy it!

General Info:

Home Page
The Blog (all the latest news, highly recommended)
Articles in Advisor Perspectives
VIDEOS: All videos of orchestral kid shows and Justin's speaking appearances are on the media page.
The Bass Couture Shop, featuring fun apparel for the orchestral musician!
Bio Page (Justin's Speaking topics, bio, etc.)
Upcoming Appearances
(actually is better to visit my facebook fan page for this info:

Real Men Don't Rehearse (excerpts and how to order)
--Reviews of Real Men Don't Rehearse
--Unofficial illustrations from RMDR (pdf file, large)
-- Video excerpt from a talk on the book (RPMDA Convention)
-- RMDR Presentations Brochure (RMDR only, does not include other topics)
--Real Men Don't Rehearse t-shirts!

Principles of Applied Stupidity (excerpts and how to order)
--Video excerpt from a talk on the book (1)
--Video excerpt from a talk on the book (2)

Family Concert Works:

Peter VS. the Wolf Script (This page also has links to scripts in German, Portuguese, and Chinese)
--Peter VS. the Wolf Synopsis
--Peter VS. the Wolf FAQ's (how to rent it, etc)
--Peter VS. the Wolf Reviews
--Notes to presenters-- tips and hints on staging the show

The Phantom of the Orchestra Script
--Phantom FAQ's

J.S. Bach, Superstar Script
--JS Bach Superstar Music from the show on CD baby
---- (note you can also buy it at Itunes-- search for justin locke or bach superstar)

Unpublished Musical Works:

--Concerto for Kazoo and Famous Cellist
--The Legend of Albert Haaagh (for brass quintet and narrator)

Make it Fit Children's Health and Fitness Project:

Fitness Fairy Tales Main Page
-- Listen to / Download Fitness Fairy TalesFitness Fairy Tales on CD baby

Buy a hard copy CD of FFT at Cafe Press

Travelogues (by far the most popular pages!)

--Florence and Venice
--Rio de Janeiro
--My Family Farm in Ohio
--New! Nassau Bahamas!

The Orchestra address lists:

Real Men Don't Rehearse

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