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There is lots of excitement at JLP this season with productions of "Peter VS the Wolf" in both Nuremberg and Dortmund!

Are you an orchestra manager or conductor?

Then you know that presenting an orchestral concert for children can be a stressful experience. It just isn't the usual thing that most orchestras do, and when those auditorium lights go down, and you find yourself faced with a thousand screaming kids (possibly armed with M&M's) who find their plush seat to be more interesting than a hundred allegro ma non troppo's, well . . . It can be a little daunting. How do you keep them focused, and actually teach them something at the same time?

There are many ways to approach this, but I hope you will consider these 60-minute programs JLP rents to symphony orchestras for use on their children's and family concert events. All rentals include a beautiful score and set of parts. You can read summaries of each of the two principle programs we offer:

Peter VS. the Wolf --- The Phantom of the Orchestra

Peter VS. the Wolf and The Phantom of the Orchestra are fast-paced comedic stories that work for all ages. The music--and lots of educational elements--are woven into the story lines. Instead of just using your orchestra as a "backup band," these programs feature the orchestra as a character in the story. These programs are offered on a "produce-it-yourself" basis, which means you can have total control over your production, and you can stage it as simply or as grandly as you wish (they are typically done in partnership with a local theater group). The programs typically call for about four actors. Even the musicians enjoy these programs, and that's saying something! PVTW and Phantom have been "road-tested" by orchestras of every size, from high school groups to major symphonies, all across the USA, as well as in Europe and South America, to great acclaim (see reviews). Performance photos are also available.

Questions? Just

Peter VS the Wolf

At last, the Wolf gets his day in court! In this sequel to the famous orchestral fairy tale, the Wolf faces the charge of "Duckicide in the first degree . . . with one gulp." But the Wolf puts on a defense worthy of Perry Mason as he calls each instrument to the stand to be cross-examined! This program has delighted audiences of all ages (on 3 continents) for twenty years. Note, if you are in Europe, you must book this piece thru Sikorski Music, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have. For orchestra and four actors; music by Prokofiev (orchestration is the same as Peter AND the Wolf: single ww's, tpt, tbn, 3 horns, 2 perc, strings). Requires 3 adult and 2 child actors (I know I said "four actors" in my brochure but the second child actor only has one line :-)

Are you one of the many people presenting Peter VS the Wolf this season? Feel free to read my Notes to Presenters. You can also use my Program Notes and Promotional Copy. For more info, please

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The Phantom of the Orchestra

Lies! Deceit! Insanity! Intrigue! In other words-- just a typical orchestra! But then, a crazed music-hating lunatic creeps out of the shadows to sabotage the concerts! Will the great detective Shamrock Jones find him before itís too late? Donít miss this hilarious whodunit from the dark side of the symphony! Features music of Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Massenet, and Berlioz. For Orchestra and 4 actors (3 adult, one child. Phantom sings 2 baritone Mozart arias.) For more info, please

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