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What is The Phantom of the Orchestra?

The Phantom of the Orchestra is a one-hour family and pops concert piece for orchestra and four actors. This is one of several "produce-it-yourself" family concert packages from Justin Locke Productions. The purpose of these programs is to provide orchestras with an easily produced program that introduces children to classical music while keeping their parents entertained as well.

Who wrote the music?

The music for this program is from the standard literature. The program includes music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Massenet, Tchaikovsky, and others.

What is it about?

The Phantom of the Orchestra is the story of a shadowy being who lives in an empty concert hall. But his peaceful existence is invaded by . . . an ORCHESTRA. Their incessant playing of loud music drives him insane, and so he sets out to destroy the orchestra by fair means or foul (teaching us a great deal about how an orchestra works on the way).

How do I get a perusal score?

I am happy to loan out perusal scores to any qualified potential renter, i.e., anyone affiliated with an orchestra or theater who might actually rent the beast. (I do ask that you return them, preferably within 30 days, but you can keep them longer if you need them for evaluation purposes). The perusals scores are just that, they are not printed on heavy paper like the rental set scores and parts, nor are they formatted in large font.

To see a perusal score, or call me at 781 330-8143

What is the orchestration?

The base orchestration for Phantom is "Mozart Plus Harp," i.e., strings, double ww's, 2 horns (optional 4), 2 trumpets, harp, 2 perc. However, I recommend (and most clients seem to prefer) doing the full version with 4 horns, 4 tpts, tbns and tuba. The program is slightly different for the different orchestrations.

What does the rental of the show include?

All rentals of the show include a score and complete set of parts. The parts are fabulous; all GBC bound, with all the stage cues on the left page and the music on the right page! I also rent a set of costumes on a first-come first-served basis.

Who has performed it?

Phantom has been done by the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston, the Phoenix Symphony, the Rhode Island Philharmonic, the Southeast Iowa Symphony, the Elgin Symphony, the Buffalo Philharmonic, and others. It was also done in an expanded version in the Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro.

How do I produce it?

Usually, Phantom is done in collaboration with a local theater group. Technical requirements are minimal. The advantage of renting this program is you have control over schedule and quality without having to worry about a touring performing group. It has been done with actors of all ages. Professional Orchestras can do it with one 3 hour rehearsal.

This piece is a little more challenging to stage than Peter VS. the Wolf, as it includes singing, a bit of choreogaphy, a chase scene, and lots of visual/physical comedy. But while it is a little more challenging, in the hands of a competent stage director it can be a lot of fun for performers and audience alike.

How much does it cost?

Regarding fees, well, as you know, everything in the music business is negotiable. But to give you some idea:

Fees vary depending on orchestra size, size of hall, admission price, etc. Starting at the high end, I typically charge about $1,500 for a single performance by a professional orchestra in a reasonably large auditorium (1500+ seats). For non-professional orchestras I charge less. I offer discounts on multiples, I also do deals for small halls, special events, etc. If you tell me size of hall, are you a pro/ amateur/ student orch, ticket prices, number of seats, expected attendance, I will make you an offer, no obligation, no salesman will visit your home! for a quick quote.

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