Sample Promotional Copy for Peter VS the Wolf:


Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra slated to perform Justin Locke's

"Peter VS. the Wolf"

The [NAME] Orchestra will present a family concert event, "Peter VS. the Wolf", on [DATE], at [TIME] in [LOCATION]

"Peter VS. the Wolf" is not just a re-telling of the famous fairy tale by Sergei Prokofiev. In this Symphonic Court Case, Judge Hangen issues "a writ of Habeas Loupus," and the Wolf gets a chance to tell his side of the story.

Faced with the most serious charge of "Duckicide, in the first degree . . . with one gulp," the Wolf cross-examines the members of the orchestra. "How can a flute be a woodwind," he asks, "if it's made out of metal? Where is the percussionist's hunting license? And just how many hours a day does the clarinet actually practice?" These are just some of the pertinent questions the Wolf employs in a defense strategy worthy of Perry Mason.

The original music (and "the Narrator's affidavit") of "Peter and the Wolf" is included in the program. The [NAME] Orchestra will be conducted by [CONDUCTOR'S NAME].

"Peter VS. the Wolf" has been performed by many orchestras across the country, including the Spokane, Phoenix, Akron, Syracuse, Minnesota, and Nashville Symphonies. It was also recently premiered in Europe and Soutyh America. It was written by Justin Locke, a former member of the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra. This produciton will be staged by [THEATRICAL DIRECTOR NAME].

Ticket prices are [PRICES]. Call [PHONE] for more information, or visit our website at [URL]


"Peter VS. the Wolf":
Symphony Scrutinizes Sordid Situation Sunday

This coming [date] the [name] Symphony Orchestra with [name] conducting will present "Peter VS. the Wolf at [Venue] at [time].

This delightful new story is much more than just a retelling of the familiar orchestral fairy tale by Prokofiev. This is the story of what happened the next day, as the Wolf is brought to trial facing the charge of "Duckicide in the first degree... with One Gulp." This program will include the original music and narration of "Peter and the Wolf," but from the beginning, where the Wolf escapes from the zoo, to the very end, where his guilt or innocence is finally determined, you and your children will be delighted as each instrument of the orchestra comes to the stand, swears to play "the notes, the whole notes, and nothing but the notes," and tells their version of what happened on that fateful day in the meadow.

"Peter VS. the Wolf" was written by Justin Locke, a former member of the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra. It has been performed by orchestras around the world. The program is appropriate for all ages.

Also featured in the program are [actors, information].

Tickets are available at: [location].