What people are saying about "Peter VS. the Wolf":

It seems difficult to imagine a sequel to Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf' that does justice to the original. But with 'Peter VS. the Wolf,' Justin Locke has done just that-- and then some."

---Boston Patriot Ledger

"'Peter VS. the Wolf' is absolutely hilarious."

---Springfield (MA) Union News

"Our performance of 'Peter VS. the Wolf' was an absolute smash!"

---Margaret Terry, Education Director, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

"'Peter VS. the Wolf' is the liveliest introduction to orchestral instruments I've ever heard."

---Syracuse Post Standard

"Our performance of 'Peter VS. the Wolf' set a new attendance record for our family concert series."

---Jonathan Martin, Spokane Symphony

"The Nashville Symphony has done the impossible. I never thought I would see seventh graders sitting on the edge of their seats totally enthralled by a symphony production. The Nashville Symphony's performance of 'Peter VS. the Wolf' was so clever and so entertaining and of such quality that an audience of 2,000 upper elementary and junior high students were held motionless and spellbound."

---Mary Francis Short, Teacher

"Our performance of 'Peter VS. the Wolf' was a tremendous success. Everyone involved, from musicians to actors to audience, had a great time . . . we certainly will be programming this again."

---Richard Decker, Syracuse Symphony

"Our performances of 'Peter VS. the Wolf' were a wonderful success. Everyone loved the show, from the orchestra conductor and theatrical director right down to the smallest audience member. (Special points for ease of production from the manager's point of view.) The parts are clean, well bound, and well noted; putting the show together went like clockwork, and was done with one joint rehearsal of orchestra and actors."

---Joy Anderson, Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra

"Our performance of 'Peter VS. the Wolf' was packed . . . The musicians and actors had lots of fun, and the minimal stage requirements worked very well with limited rehearsal time."

---Scott Hoerl, Westminster Conservatory

"Ticket sales were great . . . we had to turn people away. Producing the show was easy . . . it made a nice partnership with a local acting group, and we took advantage of marketing to their audience. The nature of the play offered all sorts of marketing avenues, including tie-ins to public school writing programs and information on wolves provided by the Museum of Natural Science. (We had one group of kids picket the rehearsal, with signs saying 'Raleigh Symphony Unfair to Wolves.') We performed in two venues, and the show was adaptable to each. And it was great to have the parents really involved on the performance; they were yelling 'guilty' or 'innocent' louder than the kids."

---Virginia Zehr, Raleigh Symphony Orchestra

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