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My Trips to the Bahamas

Justin Locke grew up on a farm in Ohio, then at age 20 he magically "got the call" and found himself playing bass in the Boston Pops. In his books and presentations he shares a remarkable journey of personal and artistic discovery. Check out his laugh-out-loud Boston Pops memoir, Real Men Don't Rehearse, along with his other books Principles of Applied Stupidity and Getting in Touch Your Inner Rich Kid. Also check out his recent Berlin premiere!

A few years ago the orchestra of the The Bahamas did my "Peter VS the Wolf" and we had so much fun they have invited me back several times. Below, a few pix of what you will see if you spend a few days in nassau. First, of course, is Atlantis Resort:

One of the coolest things there is what they call the "Predator Tunnel," where you walk in a tunnel under water and watch the various fish, including rays, sharks, and barracudas swimming above you. Sad to say if you aren't staying at the resort I'm not sure what the deal is to get in to see it.

My best description of Atlantis is "Disneyland with sharks." Much of it is like a water park-- lots of rides and slides and pools, but it's more like 6 or 7 huge water parks all next one another.

Here are the views I had from my room on my first time down:

And now we travel to Bay Street and Downtown Nassu. These are the "jitney buses" that serve as local public transportation. Sadly they do not run from the airport! And they stop running at about 6 or so. They are privately owned, and, well, you need to ride one just to get the island experience.

Government House:

The Queen's Staircase. There are tours from Atlantis or you can walk through downtown. Note Nassau does not really have its historical site act together, the walk from downtown goes through a hospital parking lot. Hey, it's the Bahamas.

Here is the octagonal library building which used to be the city jail! They took out the bars recently, too bad. Go up to the 3rd floor for an airy view of the Government building area.

Here is the pool/ beach/ bar area of the British Colonial Hilton. I crashed and used their beach, great view of the harbor.

AND if you get the chance and are there the day after Christmas, you can't miss the Junkanoo parade. It's much like Rio Carnaval; it starts at midnight and goes ALL NIGHT with fantastic costumes and floats. It's a city-wide party with food and fun.

A little farther afield, about 2 miles west of downtown (you'll need to take a jitney and walk up a hill, take or a cab), to get to the Bahamas Zoo where they have this wonderfully kitschy show with the trained flamengoes.

While at the zoo, don't miss the feeding of the Lory Parrots. They let you into the cage and they give you apple slices, and the birds land on you and eat out of your hand.

And near to that is the Cricket Club where you simply MUST sit on the veranda overlooking the cricket field and try the "British Breakfast."

Saturday Nights there is a jazz on the porch of Provence Restaurant. You'll need to drive/cab. Very relaxing.

Very far afield, on the south side of New Providence, a little place called "The Sand Bar" has hammocks by the sea . . . this was a true Margueritaville experience.

And here is a shot of Leifert Cay, a gated community where Sean Connery has a house.

If you have a whole day and it's warm and the water is swimmable, consider a day trip to Rose Island. It's a long trip, but they have a band on the boat. On the island they have snorkeling, hammocks, lunch, and a free wine bar on a fabulous beach.

Also a bit of video of the Bahamian premiere of "Peter VS. the Wolf, presented in the Atlantis Theater:

Well those are my Bahamas pix, I hope you enjoyed them. I fear have fallen into travel brochure mode here and shown you only the prettiest pix . . . I left out the shots of traffic jams on Bay street. Like any exotic destination, the dumpsters and dull immigration booths are the price you pay to see the fun stuff. Please do come visit my main website and blog, where you can see more travelogues and see lots of fun videos and more. Til the next trip -- JL

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