Think and Grow Rich–the Musical

So I was rereading the classic success book “Think and Grow Rich” the other day. Specifically, the chapter on “autosuggestion.” I am a great believer in this approach, it’s very important to learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind and harness its enormous power.

But as I was reading this chapter, I couldn’t help but think that something was terribly amiss. And then it hit me… this book was written at the height of the industrial age. It was based on interviews with people who were largely industrialists. Not to sound critical, but the book has a rather blatant lack of any artistic sensibility. This would make sense, as your average industrialist is not, as a general rule, terribly artistic.

So, assuming you are already aware of the general “success book” technique of constantly disciplining yourself to channel the right thoughts in your subconscious, here’s a slightly different take:

Your subconscious mind can’t read, and it can’t do math. So while the idea of writing down your goals and purposes is of course helpful, it is not the ideal approach. So here’s my suggestion, and it’s not really a new one: take an artistic approach to thinking and growing rich.

For example, instead of just repeating a phrase with the given dollar amount goal in it, how about writing a song? You’ll notice that extremely powerful institutions such as governments and armies all have anthems.  So why not have an anthem for your higher goals and purposes?  I’ve been experimenting with this just over the last few days, and I have to tell you, the results have been extraordinary. And I haven’t even gotten to writing the really big “Halls of Montezuma” version.

If you are the more visual type, then your meditations on goals and purpose could also take the form of a drawing. But whether it’s in the form of a simple song or a drawing, this approach is going to be much more effective in directly communicating with your subconscious mind.

© Justin Locke

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2 Responses to Think and Grow Rich–the Musical

  1. Ted Ciuba says:

    Justin, Wow! So seldom do I encounter anyone with the insights you’ve displayed! Congrats! We think a lot alike…. I, too, found certain limitations in the original Think and Grow Rich, which, in my efforts, could be modernized with quantum physics and neuroscience. Please check out “The New Think And Grow Rich” at – I’m sure you’ll like it. – Ted

  2. Justin Locke says:

    Well Ted I am honored to have you visit. I’ll check out your book!

    I am having a lot of interesting discussions lately with individuals who are all about transferring out of the industrial age. There are many little pockets of change, but they have yet to coalesce. I fear the old industrial monetization model turns us into little fiefdoms and competitors instead of a nation of teammates.

    One element that is repeating is that many people (like yourself) are seeing the similar light, but we lack a common language/ vocabulary, and all too often the discussions veers into a circular competitive “this is my label/system” discussion as opposed to true masterminding. The folks who reinforce the old dogma are getting all the gigs. I confess, while I have had success with individual adherents, I have yet to “scale it up” and reach large numbers of people who have not seen the light yet. Tossing that out to you to see what comes back. – jl

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