Justin Locke Productions Is Now Certified Organic

Here at Justin Locke Productions we pride ourselves on providing the best quality and service to our customers.  We have often led the pack in new innovations, but we seek constant improvement and we never rest on our laurels. 

To that end, we are announcing that we are the first ever publishing company in the world to go completely organic.

What does this mean?  Well to start, it means that all of our authors are now kept in an open “free range” environment.  They get to walk around all they want, and have access to plenty of sunshine (granted, they tend to be nocturnal, but they have access to sunlight if they need it).  We do not inject them with any harmful hormones or chemicals (except the rare instance of a dose of totally organic, free trade chocolate, totally in keeping with established international organic authoring standards).

Also, unlike most commercial authors that have been bred to create in an unnaturally fast cycle, here at Justin Locke Productions we let authors create whenever the hell they feel like it– the way Nature intended.  

Also, many commercial authoring operations have been known to feed authors solely on the work of other authors, creating a lack of objectivity and perspective that is an intellectual hazard for both them and for consumers like yourself.  You can rest assured that everything our authors consume comes directly from their first hand experience, and their observations and analysis come fresh to you every day.  

We are constantly under pricing pressure from discount retailers to lower our standards, but we have chosen to resist the common trend.  Yes, we realize treating our authors this way is a little bit slower and yes, it is also a little more expensive . . . but isn’t your brain worth it?  

© Justin Locke     

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