The Women’s League of Political Temperance

Students of history may recall that in the wake of large disasters, people have seen the need to take steps to make sure such disasters don’t happen again. For example, after World War I we created the League of Nations, now known as the United Nations. After World War II we stationed troops in Germany.  The lack of any organized method of dealing with Civil War dead led to the creation of the Red Cross.  The lack of any rules for handing prisoners of War led to the Geneva Convention.  After the Coconut Grove fire in Boston (and similar such events) we instituted Fire Marshals and fire codes to prevent such things from happening again. When movies got more and more risque we came up with a rating system for what kids can see and what they can’t.   Not perfect solutions, but way better than what was.

Now I am not going where you might think. The national disaster I think needs to be avoided is the disaster known as our current level of civil / political discourse. It’s not good. It’s causing great psychological distress. Not to mention a rift in our national fabric.

So my proposal: the creation of The Women’s League of Political Temperance.

I can’t really say why it should be a women’s league except that, well . . . I just think women are better at this than men. It’s a tradition. Women just have more interest in social mores, and they also have more power. “If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” The whole topic of what is proper social behavior has always been the bailiwick of females. I think it is time for women to rediscover their power in this regard.

It would be dicey of course, but if enough women got together and started saying to the major media “stop speaking in such inflammatory rude tones” with the threat of boycotting sponsors of the shows airing such, I think this might be a very good thing for society as a whole.

I am all for freedom, but there is a difference between freedom and license. Freedom does not mean you can do whatever the hell you want without regard for the consequences.

It’s up to you, ladies. All we need is a little leadership.

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