Emotional Ohms

The following article is a chapter from my latest book, “Time Light Love: Exploring the Physics of Emotional Energy.”  I am finding that the concept of reducing emotional “ohms” is key to personal advancement, so I offer the chapter here for your amusement. 

So far we have considered the many variations of emotional frequency or color that occur when the normal flow of energy is blocked and thus put out of balance.  At this point we would like to examine another way of thinking about how those blockages occur.

When we talk about less than optimal emotions, we usually refer to them as being “negative.”  For example, we often hear about negative people, negative feelings, negative thoughts, and negative attitudes.

Semantically speaking, this use of the word “negative” is incorrect.  The word “negative” does not necessarily mean something is bad.  To paraphrase the immortal bard, nothing is positive or negative but that thinking makes it so.  Tax deductions are negative numbers, but no one seems to mind them.  Negative results from tests for dread diseases are also great news.

In a sense, there are negative emotions, but this word should only be used as it is supposed to be used, i.e, as an indicator of the direction of flow.

For example, the positive crests of ocean waves are followed by the “negative” troughs of those waves, and this is key for those who enjoy surfing or listening to the sound of the waves.  Another example: when a fighter pilot makes a hard turn, he or she experiences “G” forces.  The can be positive G’s—pushing him down into his seat—or they can be negative G’s—pushing him up into his shoulder straps.  One direction is not better than the other.  Most batteries have positive and negative poles—and the negative pole is essential, for without the negative pole there would be no “return” to complete the circuit.

So when it comes to emotional energy, truly negative emotions are actually a wonderful thing.  If you have positive feelings of affection toward someone, hopefully those same feelings will flow back to you, and if they do, they are negative feelings, as they are traveling in the opposite direction.  (The real problem would be if no feelings were returning.)  Since that negative flow coming back to you is usually delicious, the word “negative” really should not be used here if we are going to be truly scientific about defining emotional energy.

So instead of using that incorrect term, a much better word to use for measuring blocked emotional energy would be the same word used for measuring blocked electrical energy,  which is the word “ohm.”

All emotional states that we usually refer to as “negative” are not caused by an unwanted direction of energy flow.  Instead, they usually caused by a blockage of emotional energy due to higher than normal resistance.  When this state of emotional blockage is labeled properly, i.e., as a degree of resistance, its properties become more obvious, as do the optimal means of counteracting it.

(Note, some resistance is always necessary, otherwise you get a short circuit, which is a total loss of control.  Ohms are the basis of personal boundaries and polite restraint.)

If you observe a newborn baby, you will see a near total absence of emotional ohms.  Ohms can be “felt” as bad, i.e., “negative,” things because they do block the normal flow of the primary emotional energies.  But again, the toxicity is in the dose.

Since our emotional ohms are something we created in response to various experiences, our ohms are under our control.  If you experience a great many emotionally painful experiences, the obvious response is to create resistance—that is, to step up the ohms—to your normal flow of emotional energy.  Depending on how many painful experiences you have had, you can start to actually measure the degree to which you have taught yourself to suppress the flow of emotional energy.  (If you accept the premise of this book, i.e., that there are just 3 primary emotions, by managing the ohms causing resistance to optimal emotional energy flow suddenly we start to gain astonishing levels of control.  This could be fabulous.)

The creation and maintenance of emotional ohms is usually accomplished through what are usually labeled as “negative” thoughts. i.e., simply generating fear energy by meditating on an infinite number of ways that people might seek to do you harm.  While this ohm-producing process can in fact lessen or prevent your being exploited by people who do in fact mean you harm, the high presence of emotional ohms, that is, the resistance to emotional energy flow, is equally preventative of good energy as well.

To lessen the ill effects of emotional ohms, there are many techniques of ohm resistance removal, such as forgiveness, gratitude, clearing the mind, and so on.  For example, we tend to think of states such as gratitude as being a feeling, or an emotional state, all by themselves, when in fact such a state is merely a changing of resistance to overall emotional flow.  It is really just the opening up the emotional circuitry to the fabulously delicious combined flush of trust, qi, and connection, letting them flow into the feeling of the white light of happiness.

You may have been told that “feeling grateful” is key to attracting wealth and abundance to you.  There may actually be obvious science in this.  If we think of gratitude, not as an emotion by itself, but in fact an act of lessening ohms of resistance to overall emotional energy flow, then its power to let wealth “flow” to you starts to make perfect sense.  The “feeling” we call gratitude is actually just allowing a higher amplitude, or even amps or voltage, of all of the three primary feelings.  If you go into a state of less resistance, your fullest “glow” and powers of magnetism and attraction and induction will of course function at their highest level, inevitably attracting and manifesting greater happiness and wealth.

Of course, along with ohms of resistance, there may very well be ways of measuring the amps (amounts) and volts (pressure in the line) of emotional energy as well.  Something to study further.

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Excerpt from Time Light Love 

(c) Justin Locke

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