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So I have an epiphany to share re: “finding one’s purpose.”

While most of us seek to “realize” our true selves and our full inner potential, there is a contradiction afoot, in that, our true self is a very sensitive creature.  It is easily hurt, and it is easily frightened.  So, with that nasty degree of sensitivity in mind, most of the training and advice we seek and get in life about how to best achieve our goal of seeking our greatest potential is all about how to minimize (or remove altogether) the risk of hurt to that inner spirit.  We seek pre-fab systems “guaranteed” to work, we seek certification to buttress our egos, we limit the scope of our vision and ambition, and so on.

But as is so often the case, the truth is the opposite of the common denial:  To achieve greatest potential, one must go the opposite way, and learn to NOT do the natural
thing, i.e., protect and conceal that inner self.  This is the only way real connection can occur, and achieving connection (and helping others to do the same) is my purpose in life.

To that end, here is a very flawed and easily-criticized-for-its-technical-issues video of a talk I did last week on my “Rich Kid” book.  Not perfect, nothing ever is, but this is possibly the best non-humorous presentation I have ever given.  –jl

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