Just Some Self-Publishing Chit Chat

Well I wish to apologize to my regular readers (who are all you people, anyway??  I just see the numbers).  I have been pretty darn busy getting “Inner Rich Kid” published.  That was step one, what a screamingly arduous task that was.  Two years.  now I have to promote, mid July, a great time to do that.  (not.)   I confess I feel somewhat drained.

also i am pondering “smashwords,” it’s a portal for e-publishing, only issue is there is no encryption on the files they publish so one must then hope readers don;t broadcast it all over without paying me anything.  but then, one can argue that it leads to more sales, not to mention speaking gigs and notariety.  decisions, decisions.

Also I stepped on some toes inadvertently, my last article for the American Institute of CPAs had a play on words of “If it ain’t broke, don’t kaizen it,” and I basically explained the joke of the title by briefly mentioning that kaizen kind of sort of refers to improving things (I am NOT an expert in Toyota lean) and I thought it was a cute play on words, and that’s all I was thinking,  but hmmm a couple of people took umbrage at this, I kind of wonder why, I think toyota lean speaks for itself and can withstand me poking fun at it.  Actually i wasn’t really even talking about toyota lean really, I was just . . . well, nevermind.  who knew a bunch of CPA”s would even know what it is???  open mouth insert foot.  Well price of fame and fortune I guess.   Lesson learned.   –jl

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